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W.H. Chong in Australia and the rise of ''cli-fi'' (erotic) novels Down Under (by crikey!)

W.H. Chong in Australia and the rise of ''cli-fi'' (erotic) novels Down Under (by crikey!)

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'Clience Fiction' reviews: The Water Knife, Clade and Aurora

This week: Ecopoclaypse

Here we have 3 visions of the Ecopoclaypse. That coinage is thickening in the air – I constructed it on the spot, only to find a reference for it in Urban Dictionary, dated June 2012. And a hyphenated usage in Time magazine in 2008: “eco-pocalypse.” (There is also ''Cli-fi''  -- which sounds kind of erotic [with its clitoris connection]?)

Professor Chong, for more on the so-called "erotic" nature of the cli-fi term, pronounced just like sci fi with long eyes as in ''Klai Fai,'' not ''Clih Fih'' and not Clit-Lit, PLEASE MR CHONG! (smile)...see this blog post on the humor behind your aside:

 'Cli-fi' get 'ribbed' sometimes -- with humor!

....With the rise of a new literary genre that's been dubbed "cli-fi," there's been very little backstabbing or naysaying, but there has been a lot of humor of the ''sometimes unprintable in a family newspaper'' kind. But the Twitterverse has take a liking to the cli-fi term and a simple google or Twitter search will reveal hundreds, thousands of cli-fi Tweets, posts, websites, blogs and opeds. But what interests me here is what's going on with some people on Twitter in terms of their first encountering the cli-fi term (which is pronounced just like sci-fi and is a shortening of "cli-mate fi-ction." Simple. Easy to read and easy to prnounce. Nothing sexy about it at all.

But welcome to the Cli-Fi Twitterverse where HUMOR rules the day, and it's fun to read the tweets.

One of the first people to tweet about cli-fi was the novelist Caitlin Kiernan in Providence, Rhode Island. She's a top American novelist, the author of several important novels, among them "The Drowning Girl" and "The Red Tree," both of which have recently been optioned for movies.

Author Kiernan, on first encountering the "cli-fi" term in print, took her Twitter feed to tell her friends and followers: ''Frankly, I see "cli-fi," and the first thing I think of is "clit-fic." But it's an established fact I have a dirty mind."

Ms. Kiernan's Twitter page lists her as ''author, paleontologist, humanist and atheist, bookworm, liberal, trigger, malcontent, lesbian, environmentalist." Her Wikipedia entry is detailed and full of book lists and interview links. I was happy to meet her on Twitter, and I liked her humorous cli-fi reaction, so I shot her a short ermail and asked her if I could print her Tweet on my blog and give her her name, or if she preferred to be listed as anonymous to protect privacy.

She wrote back to me in Internet Time and said via Twitter:
''@clificentral Eh, you can quote me. Caitlín R. Kiernan tends to admit to her words.''

Via email she wrote: ''Please feel free to quote me, by name.''
So I did and I am. I like good honest people with a good sense of humor.

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