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Saturday, July 18, 2015

CSD: ''Constricted Selfhood Disorder'' is inviting the Climapocalypse

CSD: Human ''Constricted Selfhood Disorder'' is inviting the Climapocalypse

An OPED by Emmet Matriah

Anyone applying basic critical thinking skills to what can be observed about the state of the planet today would be forced to come to the conclusion that we as a species are in serious trouble. No matter which angle you choose to come at it — man-made global warming (AGW), environmental destruction and animal species extinction, overpopulation — it’s only too clear that we’re skating on very thin ice.

By our own doing, we have set the trajectory of our own species toward great chaos. And yet, astonishingly, we collectively carry on with business as usual — increasing the amounts of greenhouse gases [CO2] we release into the atmosphere, and doing nothing to stop the overpopulation problem.

It’s as though humankind has become blind; and in many ways, that’s exactly what has happened.

From a medical standpoint -- and my dear departed father, l'z, was a doctor -- let me say this: Just like the cancer cells that have become blind to the fact that they are a completely dependent member of the larger organism, the human species has become blind to the fact that it is a dependent member of the broader ecosystems and the biosphere to which we belong, having become consumed with the needs of the more limited selves (one’s nation, one’s family, one’s personal self) at the direct expense of the broader selfhood to which we also belong.

In other words, you could say that we have become stricken with a kind of disorder — a CSD disorder of “constricted selfhood,” and unfortunately it appears that we have very little collective “insight” into this disorder.

Where will this disorder lead us as a collective humanity? If we do not start to understand this disorder, we will be doomed, doomed -- not now, not today, but within the next 30 generations. By 2500 AD it will be curtains for the human race unless we get a handle on this disorder that has disordered the planet we call home.

[This gist of this idea comes from a pioneering and visionary psychogist in San Francisco.]