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  1. Milner gives us a new hashtag
  2. Climate change science needs it's own version of Nevil Shute 's ''On the Beach'' (it made Milner join the CND)
  3. Milner proclaims Jean-Marc Ligny the French Kim Stanley Robinson
  4. RT Glyn Morgan: Glorious British summer weather for today. Perfect for Andrew Milner's keynote on "Scien…

  5. Milner on flood, ice age, warming climate apocalypses. Wondering, with my Captain Planet elements, if there's a wind apocalypse.

  6. Milner keynote bringing sociology of lit methods to SF studies—terrific! Are others within SF working in this vein?
  7. Milner applying Moretti distant reading to understand the proliferation of climate related sf - core/periphery/semiperiphery
  8. Milner keynote. Mieville's "sf is capitalist science's bullshit about itself fiction" vs. KSR's "it's science vs. capitalism!"
  9. Still jet-lagged, forever jet-lagged, but in the meantime this morning’s keynote from Andrew Milner on SF & climate change.
  10. Day two of kicking off w/Andrew Milner plenary