Monday, November 23, 2015

If China matters in the fight against AGW, and it does, then the communist government dictatorship must relinquish its thuggish power

"We have seen the enemy and the enemy is the Chinese Communist Party of China!"
BEIJING: Okay, so, an nice Chinese Communist Party member who moonlights as an environmental protection official in the Chinese city of Langfang has released his second smog-themed novel in an effort to draw attention to Communist China’s serious pollution and environmental problems.

Mr. Lee Yuan-chuan, stalwart CCP member and deputy chief of environmental protection for the city, had a plan to write a trilogy of books about smog in China. And he is almost there.

His first, Smog Is Coming, was published in last June, and featured a robber who used the cover of pollution to commit crimes.

“Governments and companies play key roles in the campaign to tackle smog and pollution,” Li told local news outlet “But a new anti-smog lifestyle can be created only when the public takes action according to the law and together…works with governments and companies to drive less, burn less coal, light fewer fireworks and burn less rubbish.”

So far, so good. Nice sentiments from a CCP member.

The plot of the new novel (entitled The Pains of Smog), China Dialogue writes, centers around a heroic environmental protection bureaucrat who stands up against a corrupt government system in defense of the environment. The 3rd installment will be titled Smog Confusion.

Langfang is located just outside Beijing and is known as one of the most polluted cities in CCP-controlled Communist China. It is no PEOPLE'S republic of anything. It is the Dictatorship of China. Period. Full stop.

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