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Heather Snell at the University of Winnipeg teaching 'cli-fi' class on YA novels

Heather Snell....... (@HeatherSnell1)........ tweeted at 10:39 PM on Wed, Feb 03, 2016:
Cli-fi TV? Now streaming on Netflix: A political thriller on climate change: via @FutureTenseNow


Professor Snell's university link:

After reading a tweet online from Professor Heather Snell at the University of Winnipeg in Canada about a link from Slate magazine about Netfix showing a cli-fi political thriller imported from Norway TV with English subtitles, I asked her for some more information and details about the movie series, and she sent me a note. Of course, in my email subject line, I wrote, simply: "Do you cli-fi?" 

She replied a few seconds later in internet time, writing: "Yes! I teach cli-fi fiction for YA readers in my Children's Lit class, so yes! I mention your website and blog in my class, actually :-)


Heather Snell
Associate Professor
Department of English
The University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2E9

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts,

Now Streaming on Netflix: A Cli-Fi Political Thriller From Norwegian TV on #AGW

Occupied, a Norwegian TV political thriller, is now available in the United States on Netflix
TV2 Norge
There is a telling moment at the end of the first episode of Occupied, the highly entertaining new Norwegian TV political thriller, now available in the United States on Netflix (with subtitles!). One of the main characters, sitting in a cafe with his family, looks bleakly through the glass at the shoppers in the mall outside, knowing they are oblivious to how fragile their world has just become.
This terrific bit of acting by Eldar Skar, who plays a secret service agent thrust into a role “above his pay grade,” is in some ways the crux of the series. As the show’s creator, best-selling crime writer Jo Nesbo, told the Guardian last year, “the feeling we are secure and things can't really change is an illusion. That is the scary bit, because things can change very fast.” [MORE AT SLATE LINK]
Here is a description of Dr Snell's Spring semester 2016 class; she also taught it in 2015:

Courses 2015-2016


ENGL-2003/6-001 (FW)

6 credit hours


MW 2:30 - 3:45

An introduction to the study of children’s YA literature, this course explores the characteristics, treatment, and reception of this YA form of literature, unusually named for its readers rather than its producers.

We study various theoretical and critical strategies for reading YA texts, including feminist, queer, transgender, postmodern, posthuman, postcolonial, critical race, cli-fi and ecocritical; cultural assumptions about children and childhood; trends in educational theory and practice; the economic and political contexts of the production, consumption and marketing of YA texts for young adults; and popular culture and media for young adults. Texts from a range of genres, such as cli-fi, poetry, picture books, novels, blogs, and films, are considered, and students have an opportunity to help shape the course syllabus in Winter 2016 term.

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