Saturday, February 6, 2016

''cli-fi bullets'' - 10 positive, optimistic 'pensees' about writing cli-fi novels and movies

[Here are the 10 bullets a climate change communicator told me he felt were most effective. I agree.]
I call these ''cli-fi bullets'': Here are 10 random thoughts about cli-fi in 140 characters that first appeared on Twitter -- Dan Bloom, curator, The Cli-Fi Report


​• Cli-fi isn't a marketing term, and it's more than a literary term. It's a password into the future and those who know it, know.
• Cli-fi is more than a mere genre: it's a cri de coeur, a warning flare, a pathway to the future before it's too late. See? #CliFi's here now​
• ​Cli-fi is more than a genre term, much more than that: it's a code word, a password, a secret handshake; it is bringing us together as one.
• If cli-fi is one thing, it's a chance to choose our future. One door leads here, another door leads there. Choose wisely: Your descendants are waiting.
• You might not really be interested in cli-fi, or where it is going. But trust me, cli-fi is interested in you. Why? Becos the End is nigh
• Think positive, think cli-fi. Think future generations, think now. Think the end is nigh unless we change our ways.
• To show respect, please always capitalize ''Earth," which is the name of our home in the cosmos,  Earth matters, tell the copy desk. Lowercasing it is beneath us.

• Cli-fi, by indirection finds direction out. Your words on the page must be balanced, insistent. Always. And never lose hope.
• Climate change is more than a fact of life. It is the result of human ingenuity, greed, rapaciousness and fear. Fear not: cli-fi is here. Write it.
• If you can manage to fit the personal stories of cli-fi between the covers of a book, do it. With trepidation. Know your audience.


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