Saturday, February 27, 2016

Alex Steffen on the need for being''HEROIC''


It's a weird task, this.

For the last 5 years I've been working hard to fill this hunger I have to see more deeply into our changing planetary reality. It's been a fantastic trip. I've read, traveled, meditated, met with the giants of planetary thinking, traded long emails with friends... and written.

Man, have I written. I've taken numerous runs at these ideas on the page. I've tried on several different approaches to writing a book. I've dictated manuscripts. I've half-written a hundred blog posts. I've filled seven journals. All of that writing, I now know, was part of the work of getting to the stories I now feel ready to tell.

Now that I'm finally ready to tell these stories in public, though, I have to launch into an entirely different task, which is convincing my community of readers to support me in telling them. Having built a new worldview, I now need to figure out how to sell it.

One of the tasks here, I've realized, is explaining to people why I think the idea of heroic futurism is important in the first place—and I do think it's important; critical, even, to humanity's long-term survival.
This new essay is an attempt to answer that question of Why?

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it this weekend, and I hope that you'll support out work on The Heroic Future.



We can't build what we can't imagine. We can't build what we can't imagine. I&'ve said it again and again, but please, let it really sink in. It's the most important fact on our planet right now:We can't build what we can't imagine.
"The Heroic Future — this ambitious documentary project we've launched — aims to ignite the imagination we need to survive our planetary crisis. Even if you don't choose to back us, you need to know why this work matters.
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