Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cli-Fi ''Shop Talk'' for Writers: Publishing industry sending signals it's coming aboard the Cli-Fi Train!

Yes, the UK and USA book publishing industry centered in Manhattan and London is sending real direct signals it's coming aboard the Cli-Fi Train -- and acquiring editors and agents there want to talk to you!

Cli-Fi ''Shop Talk'' for Writers:

According to industry sources this blog is in contact with in London and Manhattan, more and more acquiring editors and literary agents are beginning to accept queries [and actual on-spec manuscripts!] for novels and short story collections. This is big news and even bigger big news is coming soon from a major publication in London.

This is good news for all budding cli-fi novelists and short story writers. Fasten your seatbelts, read up and who's who and what's what, and start sending in your queries and cover letters.

Among those said to be in the game now are savvy New York editor Sean MacDonald at FSG, one of the top houses on Publishers Row in Manhattan. He's served as acquiring editor for such novelists as Nathaniel Rich and Jeff Vandermeer, according to industry sources. In addition, literary agents from John Silbersack at Trident Media to Sally Harding at the Cooke Agency in New York City are getting into handling novels in the cli-fi genre, too. Slowly. It's happening! John has a cli-fi novel coming out in September from an important new author! Sally represents the Hollywood star in Paramount's camp now, the wonderful writer SFF Jeff Vandermeer!


Over 15 years ago, John Silbersack decided on a major career change. He became a literary agent after years of working at publishing houses, rising to the rank of Editor-in-Chief and Publisher at top tier houses such as Penguin and Harper. Considering the monumental changes that have occurred in publishing in the past years, perhaps John had a crystal ball. “No,” John says, “I did not forecast the advent of all of this change over ten years ago. I thought that I had achieved all that could be done in my career on the publishing side, and I wanted to become an entrepreneur.”
John worked at several publishing companies, and founded six imprints, including ROC Books at Penguin, Warner Aspect, and three at Harper (Prism, Entertainment, and Children’s Entertainment).
When John joined Trident, the literary agency had just started. “I had confidence that my skills and my experience would be a significant advantage, and I believed that under Robert Gottlieb’s leadership, Trident would quickly become the leading literary agency.”
Because of his expertise and unique background, John has attracted a diverse group of writers and clients in all types of fiction and nonfiction, literary fiction, crime fiction, SF and fantasy fiction, science, history, biography, current events, memoirs, finance,  pop culture, narrative non-fiction and children’s books.  John’s clients have won many awards and many of them are top-of-the-list international and New York Times bestsellers. Drawing on his editorial experience, John works closely with his authors in the development and editing of their work. He is interested in new clients who have a passion for their subject or for storytelling and who want to work collaboratively to build an ascending career. He is particularly interested in taking on emerging new thriller and suspense writers and literary estates of all kinds.
What about the changes that are happening now? “I believe that I am very well-equipped to help my clients navigate the changes that are occurring at a rapid pace. I’ve seen publishing from every level and from every angle you could imagine. I’m ready for the new challenges on the horizon.”

SALLY HARDING (a Canadian and a New Zealander now living in NYC) BIO:
Sally Harding is a Literary Agent and co-owner of The Cooke Agency and Cooke International. Her list is largely (although not entirely) research-based non-fiction, and the more literary end of science fiction, fantasy, and crime. Rather than being restrained by the accustomed boundaries of geography or genre, she determines the channels through which each work will find its best audience. She is interested in developing careers (not just single works) with writers who are deeply engaged with their subject and their craft. This is not only about how they put words on a page, or the stories those words reveal, but the larger human questions and dilemmas the writer is trying to resolve through their work. Being both a Canadian and a New Zealander, she cheers loudly for both countries, until faced with Canada vs. All Blacks. She is on the board of the Vancouver Writers Fest and is a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives. She is on Twitter: @SallyHardingTCA

In addition, a major UK publishing platform is poised to report a major publishing industry SCOOP on how cli-fi is a game-changer now, a genre-smashing ''new kid on the block.'' This news SCOOP will appear in print any day now, but this blogger is not allowed to say the date in public just yet, but know that on very good authority it is coming soon. The publishing SCOOP of 2016. The publishing industry will never be the same! The article I am referencing here has been written by a woman in London who knows the publishing industry from A to Z and her SCOOP is going to blow the book business on both sides of the Atlantic --and in New Zealand and Australia, too, and maybe France and Germany as well! -- out of the staid stagnan water of the past. This is very good news for budding cli-fi novelists and screewriters. YOUR DAY is arriving.

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