Saturday, April 2, 2016

More ''cli-fi'' ruminations, translated into Chinese, too.

The translator, Mrs Chang in Taiching, tells me today:

Hi Dan,
The following are the five items I translated for your blog.
While translation, i have done some alteration, not changing your original meaning but turning the language more like the Taiwanese idiomatic usage. Hope that you will like my style of the Chinese translation. 

Best wishes,

5 ''cli-fi'' ruminations, translated into Chinese

In the best of all possible worlds, there would be no need for cli-fi. Unfortunately, we live in cli-fi times, in a cli-fi world.


Who invited you to think about cli-fi? You came by yourself, to look, to see. It's an open house. Welcome.


You write cli-fi because climate change is real and you can no longer look away. Peer into the future and tell us what you see.


Cli-fi tries to answer philosophical questions about the fate of the human species. There is no literary canon, no political agenda, no ''school of cli-fi.'' You write it, we will read it.


There has never been a time like this in human history, when so much is at stake. Will cli-fi answer our needs?​


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