Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mer omedelbart skrämmande är Jesper Weithz debutthriller ”Det som inte växer är döende” från 2012, just

Jesper Weithz cli-fi debut in Sweden ”Det som inte växer är döende” first published in 2012 is now being translated into English and should be ready for English-language readers in the fall of 2016.

An interview in with Swedish cli-fi novelist Jesper Weithz, author of ''Det som inte växer är döende''
''Det som inte växer är döende''

1. Have you heard of the ''cli-fi'' term yet in Sweden? 
Indeed. I’ve read what you and others have written in English. Also I have written briefly about it i a swedish climate magazine called Effekt. (But it’s in Swedish,)

2. Is your novel ''Det som inte växer är döende,''  a cli-fi novel or sci-fi novel
I consider it a cli-fi novel, rather than sci-fi, although it’s placed in a near future.

3. Does media in Sweden talk about cli-fi yet there?
See answer number 1. Apart from that nothing that I know of except for a special in a literature magazine called 10-tal. But I don’t remember if the cli fi-term where used there. And then there’s the article you found me through. And I know there will be a piece in autumn in a magazine called Vi Läser (We Read). I think it will be about why cli fi is big in Norway, but not in Sweden. (I have been interviewed for it, that's how I know.) There where also a short piece on public service television – on cli fi – when ”Det som inte växer är döende” was released and Effekt published an issue on Climate and Culture. But unfortunately it’s not online any more.

4. Tell me more about your novel.

The novel did fairly good – and got some stunning reviews in the Swedish media. Which, of course, was nice. So I am looking forward to the Enghlish translation appearing soon.

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