Tuesday, April 5, 2016

''Cli-Fi'' Moments...

  1. ON TWITTER, the other day -- Steve Easterbrook @SMEasterbrook 
  3. Finished reading “The Water Knife”. Its frightening: water runs out and SW states turn their vicious anti-immigration tactics on one another
  1. @SMEasterbrook Thx for pointer. I don't read much cli-fi, but this sentence from Chapter 2 of ''The Water Knife'' is good. ...."If I could put my finger on the moment we genuinely fucked ourselves, it was the moment we decided that data was something you could use words like believe or disbelieve around.”

  2. @stevebloom55 @SMEasterbrook ''Cli-fi'' Moments -- 2 climate activists discuss "The Water Knife" on Twitter http://northwardho.blogspot.tw/2016/04/cli-fi-moments.html #CliFi

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