Friday, April 8, 2016

Mark Trexler's CLIMATE WEB featured on YALE CLIMATE CONNECTIONS podcast

In case you didn’t see it the Climate Web was featured recently on the Yale Climate Connections podcast.  It’s only 90 seconds, but it’s a great promotion for the Climate Web. 
MARK TREXLER has continued to make rapid progress with the Climate Web, and his team have come up with an exciting way to give people access to it without having to dive head-first into the whole thing, which we know can be disconcerting.  There’s plenty of new material to explore at our website, but to give you just a quick flavor here are links to a few specific Climate Spotlight pages that you might be interested in:
-          Business Risk Dashboard
-          Exploring the Climate Web for Fun
-          Social Cost of Carbon Dashboard – and FYI we’re always incorporating how the SCC is being addressed in ongoing CPP and related litigation
These are just 3 of some 20 Spotlights accessible through but hopefully they give you a feel for the versatility the Climate Web now has.  We’ve also done a lot more to provide help materials and videos, and even a Hands-On Training Brain within the Climate Web that people can complete in just a couple of minutes!
If you have a chance to check out these materials I’d love to get your feedback!  The Climate Web is more like a Climate Knowledge Legos set than a “set-in-stone knowledge management system,” and the whole point is to customize knowledge delivery so that it’s on-point for specific audiences!
Dr. Mark C. Trexler, The Climatographers
(P) 503 913 0025 (S) mark.trexler (T) @climateroulette
The Climate Web – Working on an antidote to #ClimateNoise

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