Monday, May 17, 2010

Peter Kubicek docent tour at New York Metropolitan Museum is success and raised funds for iVolunteers group that assists elderly Holocaust survivors in NY area

Holocaust survivor Peter Kubicek lends a hand to iVolunteer group in recent docent tour of major museum in Manhattan

Webposted: May 17, 2010

Peter Kubicek is a happy man, and as one of 300 docents at the Met museum in NYC, he had a chance last Sunday to lead a small tour as a findraising benefit for a group that assists elderly Holocaust survivors. With 16 people on board for the tour, including Sheva Tauby, her mom, six-week old baby boy [Menachem, welcome to Planet Earth!] and 3-1/2 year daughter Shayna -- Sheva's 2-year old son stayed home for the duration -- the tour was a wonderful success.

"A Holocaust survivor of about my age, walking with difficulty with the aid of a cane and
supported by her daughter, was part of our group," Mr Kubicek told this blog, elated that the event was successful and in keeping with the spirit of his own dedicated philosophy that helping others and part and parcel of life. Mr Kubicek, a retired globe-trotting businessman who now enjoys his golden years with reading, travel and activities liket his, is himself a contributor to the iVolunteers financial department.

"After the tour was over, Sheva provided individual kosher picnic baskets for everyone, which we
consumed in a lovely spot, where there were benches in the round, in Central Park, just
around the corner from the Met," Mr Kubicek added. "The weather was perfect. Of course, I knew
it would be because I had relied on Reb Tzvi Tauby and his connections and
he came through."


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