Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jeff Jacoby is in big trouble now with his base. Good! TIme to move over to the other side, Jeff. Welcome!

What did Jeff do? He wrote a good oped column in the Boston Globe that said he does not like the Arizona law on immigration, and for writing that very good piece, he caught hell from his base of rightwing fanatic wingnuts who are all over him now for not being made of the right stuff. Good on ya, Jeff. I knew this would happen one day. You are at heart a liberal, a good man, a decent man. BRAVO.


Anonymous said...

see FB

Anonymous said...

Jeff tells me

"My dear Danny, your memory is failing you in your old age! SMILE

My views on immigration are of very long standing. If you'd like to see some of what I've written about it over the years, you'll find links at;
Believe me, the odds of my turning into a liberal are somewhere between slim and none.

Also, Danny, while the left tends to enforce political correctness and adherence to one approved view, people on the right argue about issues all the time. Immigration is only one issue on which there is no single conservative opinion. For more on this theme, see; .