Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror, mirror on Anish Kapoor

Mirror, mirror on Anish Kapoor

Turner Prize-winning sculptor Anish Kapoor is the subject of CNN's Revealed series

Kapoor was recently awarded the commission to build The ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

When it is completed, the 115-metre high spiralling tower of Olympic rings will be the largest example of public art in the UK.

Kapoor is well known for his massive pieces that blur the divide between sculpture and architecture. They are often simple, curved forms and usually monochromatic and/or brightly coloured.

His early works were inspired by the temples and markets of his native India as many were covered in powdered pigment resembling mounds of spices.

His later works are made of solid, quarried stone, while his most recent works are mirror-like, reflecting and distorting the viewer and surroundings. The use of red wax is also part of his current repertoire.

Last year, his stint as guest artistic director at the Brighton Festival drew such numbers and created such a stir, police had to be called in to divert traffic and control the crowds.

In this show, CNN follows the artist as he installs an exhibition in Bilbao in Spain and watches his progress on the enormous Temenos project in northern England.

Watch 'Revealed' on Wednesday May 19

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