Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Editor, TIME magazine: re your recent faux obit of Leslie Buck, alleged designer of the Anthora (sic) Coffee Cup

Dear Editor, TIME magazine

Re: "Leslie Buck" (May 17): There is no documented proof that the late Leslie Buck actually designed the Anthora (sic) coffee cup, as your obit writer Alexandra Silver writes, cribbing her "facts" verbatim and directly from Margalit Fox's New York Times obit a week earlier. In addition, while TIME says the name came from the way Buck mis-pronounced the word Amthora, a type of Greek vase, other published accounts online for anyone to see -- if they had properly researched their article before publishing it -- say the word was a typo in a 1963 magazine article about Greek vases that Buck's paper cup firm copied without fact-checking. Maybe TIME should have done some fact-checking, too.

-- Signed
Tempest in A Coffee Cup
via email

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