Thursday, January 28, 2016

TYPO ALERT: As [''All the Birds in the Sky'' in the sky] rushes to completion....

WIRED mag in UK website got hit by tech gremlin attack last week, adding a few extra words to Rowland Manthorpe's very perceptive review of Charlie Jane Andrews' Cli-Fi debut novel titled ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY:

Website read for a day or two (but is now fixed, after this blogger wrote to Wired editors in the UK and they said "thanks for the heads up, we will fix it right away" and they did. This blog alerted Mr Manthorpe himself, too, and he was kind enough to reply and say "thanks for heads up. OOPS. will correct ASAP" and the second IN THE SKY after the title has now been fixed online. It read at first:

''As ''All the Birds in the Sky'' in the sky rushes to completion, Anders puts Laurence and Patricia through their paces -- arguing, falling in love, being torn apart -- without ever making them tools of the theme. This is a love story, after all, not a philosophical treatise.''
OOPS! Tech gremlins attack! FIXED NOW!

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