Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Desperately Seeking ''Book Beat'' ''Trend piece'' reporter MSM or blog for MAJOR SCOOP!

Desperately Seeking ''Book Beat'' ''Trend piece'' reporter MSM or blog for MAJOR SCOOP!



Dan Bloom via

Dear Book Industry Reporter:
SCOOP for you! RSVP !

I have an idea for PR for a SCOOP piece for the cli fi meme in the publishing industry general ...... in Huffpost or NYTimes or Guardian or any big media platform. I want to find a reporter to write it, [not me]. maybe HuffPo UK or New Yorker or NYT or Guardian or Slate or Salon. Know anyone? it's this theme: now that cli fi genre is rising and has become popular nationwide in media, HOW is the Pub industry taking to it. in other words. a book industry story with working title ''HOW THE BOOK INDUSTY is warming up the cli fi genre?'' and the reporter interviews for quotes; CEOs like Peter Gethers, publishers, AGENTS like agents you know (so do you think they might talk on record and they can even mention upcoming cli-fi novels they rep as good examples ) and VIP editors who have acquired cli-fi novels recently and why he she acquired them, and also PR departments and marketing depts, and of course noveliss too. like quotes from Nat Rich and Margaret Atwood and Barbara Kingsolver and Ian McEwan etc, etc. so a ''book beat'' story, not politics or literary criticsm but a kind of ''business story,'' even for FORBES or NYT Business page, and pro and con, some editos might say we love cli fi others might say we are taking a wait and see attitude, and agents might say ''NEVER HEARD OF cli-fi", what is cli fi?''..... haha and thats OKAY too. the whole gamut of reax? Good idea? Possible debate theme for future NYt ''ROOM FOR DEBATE'' forum, too. How to proceed.? Dan

​A friend in the book industry tells me: "​
This would be amazing if
. And I agree with you that it's a relevant, timely and OVERDUE story
​!!! ​
. I have a lot of political reporter connections from my work in Washington,
but very little on the book beat, so I'm pretty reliant on my publisher's press team for media outreach on that front. But I strongly agree that, while any individual book/author may or may not be
​ so​
interesting, an industry
trend piece
is much more newsworthy. I could probably get my publisher to push that angle as part of the rollout for
​my debut cli-fi novel
​and the reporter covering this story could then contact
, my agent, and others in the industry for context and varied perspectives. Let me chat with them and brainstorm a bit on this.

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