Thursday, January 28, 2016

A new cli-fi novel emerges: ''The Daylight Marriage'' by Heidi Pitlor


from the author herself:

A powerful literary novel with some close memes to Barbara Kingsolver's ''FLIGHT BEHAVIOR''
''Dr. Lovell is a climate scientist, his lifetime work the pursuit of trying to link global warming with the frequency and severity of hurricanes. He finds himself able to prove at least a partly causal relationship between human behavior and global warming and hurricanes, but not the correlation that he so craves. There are of course too many variables for any scientist to achieve this. Causality versus correlation is a theme in the book. On some level, Lovell is trying to understand his own role in his wife's fate, whether his own actions or inactions were ultimately causal or, more disturbingly, correlative to her disappearance. What will happen to him and his family if he and they are unable to comprehend his impact? What about when the news of her fate grows more and more concerning? These were questions for me as I wrote.''

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