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''The Road to Walden North'' -- a cli-fi novel by Vermonter Sheila Post

''The Road Walden North'' is located in the great Northeast Kingdom of Vermont!

Pub  date:  March 1,  2016


“An  entertaining,  literary  ride  through  the  tamed  halls  of  academia  to  the  wilds   of  a  Walden  of  the  north.  Delivered  with  a  compelling  smorgasbord  of  literary   tidbits  along  the  way.”John  Mitchell,  author  of  Walking  towards  Walden:  A  Pilgrimage  in  Search  of  Place

“Sheila  Post’s  fascinating  and  original  The  Road  to  Walden  North  is  written  in   the  tradition  of  Wendell  Berry’s  Jayber  Crow  and  Annie  Dillard’s  Pilgrim  at   Tinker  Creek.”  —Howard  Frank  Mosher,  author  of  Where  the  Rivers  Flow  North

“I  was  especially  struck  by  the  chapters  in  which  the  language  of  Walden  wove   through  Sheila  Post’s  vivid  descriptions  of  northern  New  England  in  deep   winter.”  —John  Elder,  author  of  Reading  the  Mountains  of  Home

In  The  Road  to  Walden  North,  Vermont  cli-fi author  Sheila  Post  has  written  an  elegiac  tribute  to  the   spirit  of  Thoreau — a  timely  ‘Walden  revisited.’  Resplendent  and  richly  nuanced,  the  story   chronicles  the  desperate  and  deliberate  lives  among  four  individuals  whose  worlds  converge  on   the  Harvard  University  campus:  Heather  Channing,  a  back-­‐to-­‐the-­‐lander  student  adrift  in  the  elite   world  of  Harvard;  William  Channing,  a  self-­‐proclaimed  disciple  of  Thoreau,  living  in  cultural  exile   in  the  north  woods  of  Vermont;  Blake  Prentiss,  a  Boston  Brahmin  with  multi-­‐generational  family   ties  to  Harvard,  and  Dr.  Kate  Brown,  a  newly-­‐hired  assistant  professor,  whose  life  revolves   around  her  academic  work—until  forced  to  grapple  with  the  themes  she  teaches  in  her  course  on   Walden.  A  luminous  tapestry  of  dreams  lost  and  places  found,  The  Road  to  Walden  North  will   continue  to  ‘rewild’  the  inner  lives  of  its  readers,  long  after  arriving  in  Walden  North.     Sheila  Post,  Ph.D.,  a  former  college  professor,  taught  American  literature  &  nature  writing   for  over  a  decade  in  New  England  before  deciding  to  write  her  own.  A  prolific  academic   author,  she  now  writes  spirit-­‐of-­‐place  novels  and  green  women’s  fiction  (as  Síle  Post).   Sheila  resides  in  Vermont,  overlooking  the  forested  mountains  of  her  own  Walden  North.   The  Road  to  Walden  North        A  novel  by  Sheila  Post          

From Green  Writers  Press  is  a  Vermont-­‐based,  global  publisher  whose  mission  is  to  spread  a  message  of  hope  and   renewal.

Preview and Review  copies  available  upon  request.


Vermont author Sheila Post releases debut cli-fi novel
 from Green Writers Press

Brattleboro, Vermont – Green Writers Press is delighted to announce the publication of the novel, Your Own Ones, by Síle (Sheila) Post.

In Your Own Ones, Síle Post’s “poetic, storytelling voice,”[Howard Frank Mosher], shapes this lyrical novel of one woman’s transcendental journey back to the old country, now lost in the unsustainable ways of the new.

For Prince Edward Islander and wild salmon conservationist, Dr. Áine O’Connor, the journey of the wild salmon charts the route of her own journey back―to the rivers of her birth on Celtic Dingle Peninsula―to continue a one thousand-year old family tradition of protecting the land and sea. When the economic tide suddenly turns in Ireland, Áine launches a Celtic Roots Campaign―a traditional & local foods initiative―through which she re-casts the Joycean ‘nightmare’ of Irish history into a sustainable dream for the country’s future.

The preservationist passion that flows through Your Own Ones will appeal to a wide range of readers, both caretakers of the land and of the heart. “Come Away,” (in the words of W.B. Yeats), “to the waters & the wild” of Your Own Ones―an Irish State of Wonder.
About the Author:
Síle Post, has followed the trail of the wild salmon that swim through Your Own Ones, crossing the Atlantic herself in search of simply extraordinary places—from the ancient cliffs of Dingle Peninsula to the timeless fjords of Arctic Norway. In her writing, she weaves her passion for Place with her calling to protect her own ones—the wild salmon of Atlantic Canada, the heritage seeds of Vermont, and the primeval forests of Walden North. She resides among localvores in Vermont, Celts in Prince Edward Island, and occasionally, family in Ireland. She is also the author of The Road to Walden North, forthcoming with Green Writers Press, May 2016.

“Síle Post writes lyrical, literary prose in a poetic, storytelling voice, treating weighty themes with courage, great heart, and real personal vision.”
—Howard Frank Mosher, author of God’s Kingdom
“A unique combination of Barbara Kingsolver, with the warmth and humor
of Maeve Binchy.”
—Joyce Mandeville, Orange Prize nominee

5.25 x 8; Paperback Original; 386 pages; $19.95  
ISBN: 978-0-9961357-3-3 (pbk)  
Available wherever books are sold.
Author available for readings throughout New England.  
Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, Ingram’s, Baker & Taylor.
Green Writers Press is a Vermont-based, global publisher whose mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal. Read more at  

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