Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A top professor in cli-fi studies gives their view on future of cli-fi in academia

For a blog post I am developing, I asked a top academic a few questions about the cli-fi class they are teaching this semester and what the future might look like for cli-fi studies and even a cli-fi major at some universities.

DAN BLOOM: There is a growing trend of cli-fi courses being offered in 2016 semesters at colleges nationwide, from Vanderbilt to Brooklyn College SUNY Geneseo, everywhere it seems, over 50 colleges this spring semester nationwide. For a blog post I am developing  titled "Colleges tapping into cli-fi courses nationwide" -- something like that -- so the question I have for you at NAME OF COLLEGE REDACTED is: Why is cli-fi trending now so dramatically in academia, both in college classrooms like your class and with academic papers being presented at conferences worldwide? And moe and more CFP notices for cli-fi papers on the Web. Why now? And do you see this trend continuing long term into 2020s and 2030s?

Your answer can be one sentence soundbyte short...or longer graf if u wish. I am all ears.  I am excited to see what you are doing there! Final query: Could a cli-fi major at colleges and universities be far behind? Or a cli-fi studies department?

The professor told me they will send me their answer ASAP and I will print it below. Stay tuned.

Thank you Professor NAME REDACTED.

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