Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who paid Thomas Friedman's speaking fees in recent Taipei lecture tour? Inquiring minds want to know. Was it his Taipei publisher? The ROC government? A local university? He gets US$75,000 per speech so who was footing the bill?

Headline in

NYT columnist Friedman to Taiwan: 'I'm gonna tell you a secret. There are too many Americans in the world today'

Thomas L. Friedman and the high cost of speaking


The New York Times columnist returns a $75,000 speaking fee.
May 13, 2009|JAMES RAINEY writes in the LA Times

Most reporters would love to make $75,000. In a year.

So it set my eyes to blinking when I read that New York Times
columnist Thomas Friedman got paid that much for a single speech,
sponsored last week by the San Francisco Bay Area's clean air

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Anonymous said...

"Good question, sir; who did pay him that much, plus no doubt fly him over business class and put him up in a good hotel; do I suspect the GIO needed some counter publicity to counter all the images of Ma the Incomeptent?"

asks a Taipei pundit