Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About Cats and Climate - an impassioned note from Nasu in Russia via Finland (to Lucia)

Author: nasu

About Cats and Climate

Hello Lucia,

I wrote to you some time after the Climategate incident wishing for reliable information on climate change. My wish has not faded, but my knowledge has somewhat increased.

I now have one computer fully engaged in getting published information on climate change, two more on more specific tasks like comparing Google and the rest the of the information world and all things like all businees related projects starting up. It is huge.

Then I have started a university project - gladly paid by me - on understanding the math used in the analysis of climate data.

First, I must say that I appreciate your efforts – and everybody else’s – for that matter.

I find in my analysis that the data used by the IPCC models and by anybody else is not a place for a simple statistical analysis, but it contains so much erraneous information that the math models being used are simply not valid.

If anything, people should use the fuzzy methods. We are nowhere close to any credible deterministic models and the statistics combined with the fuzzy feature of the result interpretation produce the worst results ever.

I think this is where we are at the moment.

I am a person that should be the greenest of all. I have managed to create a financial independency through a licensing agreement of a production method of organic foodstuffs. I believe your cats eat the stuff nowadays.

Funny as it is, so do some of the readers here themselves, too.

But I am not happy with the way things are going.

I am a Finn, but I live mostly in Russia these days. That gives you some perspective about the climate change. Our small nation is a well educated one. It is so funny that there are people who can challenge the best of RealClimate's arguments even on the most popular forums.

This has nothing to do with you, but money teaches one to to be the best sceptic of all times. Money only comes from where people go. We are in the middle of the greatest data misinterpretation - intended or not.

I am in the middle of the university people while writing this. I even let you know a true IP this time. These guys think I am a bore when I say that “The climate change data is far from being honestly collected or interpreted at this time” but that is the best I can say for now.

Now back to the cats. I had a really good friend when I was a kid. He was a robust black-and-white rogue cat who never listened to anybody. I once caught him catching a bird in the berry bushes. Being five or so, you do not have too many arguments against a cat, but I thought it was not right.

So I took the bird out of his mouth, gave him a moral lecture with all the might a five year old might have and I never saw him catch another bird again.

What do you think happened?

I am allergic to cats. Later on my cat was killed because of my bad allergic reactions caused by nickel from the watch given to me by my father.

All that I am saying is, that we should not constrain ourselves to the readily assimilated ways the nature works, but really try to understand it first, and then, think about it again – and again.

I still think cats are the most wonderful things.




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