Thursday, January 14, 2010

Publishers Weekly news item:

Visions of Polar Cities:
Is Humankind Ultimately Doomed? No!

[ -- a new climate-themed book -- ]

by Daniel Halevi Bloom

Publication Date: June 21, 2012
Publisher: Villard
Financial Backer: George Soros

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Anonymous said...

GEORGE SOROS who is backing this book financially is

a Billionaire businessman and donor

The 78-year-old Hungarian-born speculator who helped bring down communism in Poland and Czechoslovakia and the Bank of England – on Black Wednesday in 1992 - failed to do the same to George W Bush in 2004 after stating the previous year that this was the "central focus of my life".

In 2008, he was determined that Hillary Clinton would win back the White House for Democrats but had to settle for an Obama win instead. Thanks to his substantial donations to Democratic-supporting organisations, such as and the Centre for American Progress, he remains a bogeyman for the Right, with bloggers deriding him as Obama’s puppetmaster. But he has criticised the Obama administration for falling short in its efforts to overhaul the financial system.