Saturday, January 30, 2010

MORE ON: Solastalgia - Glenn Albrecht -- Daniel B. Smith - New York Times - Climate Change - climate refugees -- polar cities -- James Lovelock

Danny Bloom
Polar City One
January 30, 3010

This is a very important article, and both author Daniel Smith and Dr Albrecht deserve high praise for this effort. As more and more climate refugees flood the northern regions of the world in the next 500 years, racing against time to find safe refuge in climate refugee settlements in Alaska, Canada, Russia, New Zealand and Tasmania, living in what I have dubbed polar cities -- google the term -- they will suffer exactly from solastalgia, and by giving us this word to contemplate Dr Albrecht has done the world some good. Some very good! Words give us visions and by speaking the word solastalgia and coming to understand what Dr A means by it, we and future generations will become more concious of where we are headed during the Great Interruption from 2500 to 3500 AD. Bravo to Dan Smith for a very good piece of journalism. Bravo a thousand times!

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