Friday, January 22, 2010

Franny Armstrong, Age of Stupid, please reply here!

Billed as a docudrama, The Age of Stupid by Franny Armstrong, who still has not answered my emails, WTF?, frames the story in the year 3055, with veteran British actor Pete Postlethwaite portraying The Archivist, a man who has holed himself up within a tower -- a kind of polar city structure inspired by James Lovelock's ideas and taken to the next level by Dan Bloom with his Polar Cities Proeject -- GOOGLE -- just outside of an arctic region reduced to deep floodwater. From his perch in the polar city tower he has access to a huge digital archive of the history of the world, and from that archive he is compiling a time capsule of sorts to warn any other sentient beings about the foolhardy descent into extinction that claimed humanity. It’s an interesting premise and Postlethwaite handles the role brilliantly, and the concept marries the movie’s dependence on archival footage with a captivating narrative.

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