Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shame on Penguin Random House Australia for not publishing CLADE overseas as well!

Is Australia part of the world or not?
UPDATE: This post has touched a nerve. Over 3,000 hits on this blog page today, from OZ and UK and USA. AND: A top novelist and write in the USA, in his 70s, and who knows publishing industry very well, tells me just now re this  post and tweet: ''Hey, Dan, I don't think that's the way it works.  Penguin Australia cannot force Penguin books in other countries to publish a title. They can offer it for sale to them and other publishers, but if nobody makes an offer, no deal.''

Just saying,
Among ''the best science fiction and fantasy books of 2015,'' as selected by the Guardian's Adam Roberts, one book stands out in this blogger's mind and it deserves a wider global audience. But \sadly, ''CLADE'' by top Australian novelist James Bradley was only published in Australia and his publisher, Penguin Random House Australia did not have the guts or editorial savvy to release the book also with Penguin Random House affiliates in either the USA or the UK. So the book,  a very important one, was mostly read and reviewed inside Australia, and shame on Penguin Random House Australia for being so provincial and stupid. Earth to Australia: we are a global world now! Wake up and promote your novels overseas, too. Get your heads out the sand!

Adam Roberts reports for the Guardian:

James Bradley’s elegantly bleak vision of a climate-change future, ''Clade'' (e-penguin), [only released in print in Australia and not in any markets overseas] made a bigger splash in its native Australia than [over here in the UK or the USA], but deserves a wide readership: it’s urgent, powerful stuff.

THEREFORE: readers of this blog: write an email to Bradley's small-minded publisher in Australia and tell them to release the book with their affiliates in the USA and the UK and remind them that Australian novelists are part of the global community now and deserve publication overseas as well, at least in English-speaking markets to start with. Dumb move, Penguin Random House Australia! Australia is part of the world. Wake up. Your writers deserve better!

SEE? it's only available from the Australian publisher as an e-book. How narrow-minded and provincial can Australian publishers be?

NOTE: when major novels are published in the USA or the UK, they are also released with cooperating publishers or affilitates in other English speaking countries. WHY is AUSTRALIA acting to provoncial and close-minded in regards to an important Australian novel?

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