Thursday, December 10, 2015

Why the big dogs of the book publishing industry are digging ''cli-fi''

According to PRI radio producer Bradley Campbell, "The big dogs of publishing are diggin' it. [And by "it" he means the rising new genre of cli-fi.].

A PR person at Penguin Random House -- which publishes Paolo Bacigalupi's THE WATER KNIFE as a ''cli-fi'' novel --  who told PRI radio that "much like fiction, cli-fi is striking a nerve, tapping into an issue we all face and is therefore something that is interesting," the cli-fi train has arrived on Publishers Row in Manhattan it seems.

Paolo said that with THE WATER KNIFE he was ''trying bring a visceral sense of scarcity to people who have never felt it before.''

These quotes say it all. More and more, the publishing world is taking note of the cli-fi genre and acquuring novels and story collections with this theme, from GOLD FAME CITRUS to CALIFORNIA and STATIONS 11.

According to sources, a top New York Times reporter is looking into this development among publishing people now, with quotes coming soon from top agents, editors, CEOs and PR people. ANd novelists and book critics, too. This news will break in........


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