Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hollywood Walk of Fame stars not 'awards'. PAID FOR by studios PR $30,000 per "honoree". Yes, even Quentin Tarantino

777boman says on YOUTUBE comments:       
''I don't even care if this was paid for, he should have gotten it a long time ago. ''

Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk stars not 'awards' or honors. they are asked for a year in advnace to coincide with new release of movie or song or book and PAID FOR by studios or stars themselves PAID PR $30,000 per "honoree" ....Yes, even Quentin Tarantino last week all smiles on the sidewalk as IF HE DID NOT PAY FOR it. Does anyone tell the truth anymore in the USA or is lying part of the culture now?

Google Hollywood Walk of Fame, even their website now admits the stars are PAID FOR and not honors or awards. PURE marketing PR.


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