Friday, December 25, 2015

A 2016 Cli-Fi Prediction: From the Ghosts of New Years Past

The ghosts of New Years past said, in unison, not that anyone was listening, the entire world being so distracted as to make meaningful conversation meaningless as 2016 morphs into the next 100 years of human time (a human construct, of course):

"We don't need any more Climate Pollyannas, refusing to face the reality of the coming Climapocalypse in 30 more generations and rather choosing to pretend that "this is best of all possible worlds" and "everything will turn out all right, with technology coming to our rescue, and if not technology, then blind luck."

"No, we need more Climate Cassandras, Climate Jeremiahs, Climate Jonahs, Climate Esthers, Climate Minervas, who will not be afraid to tell the truth, that we are doomed, doomed with the next 30 generations and no amount of cheery smiling Pollyannaish wishful thinking can turn the tables now. We are doomed, doomed. Not now, but within the next 500 years. Why is that so hard for you middle-class white Earthlings from the Norther Hemispheres with your posh lifestyles to understand? You cannot go on that way! You need to let go and embrace the void. The void is coming. The human species has had its turn, its time, and now you are on the way out. Not a pretty picture for sure, but face it, embrace it, own it."

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