Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Better Force Awakens, says Crawford Kilian in Canada and he's talking about cli-fi, not sci-fi

A Better Force Awakens: Cli-Fi Rising 

Far, far away from the ''Star Wars'' racket, a literary renaissance is taking flight: the rise of cli-fi novels and movies in reaction to the perils of man-made global warming, aka AGW
EXCERPT: with slight edits by this blogger for amplification:
''Even more encouragingly, many new writers are women. Finnish writer Emmi Itäranta offers a very different vision .
Here in Canada we have Emily St. John Mandel's acclaimed cli-fi novel Station Eleven...
All are worthy daughters and grand-daughters of Ursula K. Le Guin, who's still writing superbly in her 80s, and I don't see a blockbuster in any of them, much less a franchise. They are too distinctive, too individual, and far too unpredictable.

Such writers, male and female, are gradually rebuilding the ecosystem I grew up in 60 years ago, but they're doing it better. They are better writers than the Asimovs and Hubbards, and they are deeper thinkers. Any of their cli-fi novels will offer better company (and far more surprises) than the whole damn ''Star Wars'' series combined.''

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