Saturday, January 30, 2016

The "do you cli-fi?" t-shirt is now available for you to make and use as you wish. NO COPYRIGHT EVER!

THERE is no copyright on this slogan on purpose, and anyone anywhere can make their own t-shirts with this slogan. This is just for fun, and even students in cli-fi classes might enjoy making such shirts adn the end of the semester for a cli-fi party with professors.
In this serious business of climate change issues, pro and con, we need humor and fun, too. So here is the "do you cli-fi? t-shirt. Use the concept anyway you wish.
The slogan "do you cli-fi?" [always written in lowercase] means several things and even more things you can add on to it:
It means do you write cli-fi?
or and do you read cli-fi?
and or are you aware of the cli-fi term in all of its many iterations.?
and or does the cli-fi term makes sense to you.
or do u want to know more about cli fi
or is cli fi something you are following on FB or twitter
and or whatever else you want it to mean.
As always I owe a debt of PR gratitude to PR maven Lisa Devaney here who came up with the cli fi hashtag for twitter with #CliFi, and sent me her idea for the tag in 2013, and from that hashtag fun i came up with this slogan for my twitter ID now and for the t-shirt. Twitter me at
(no question marks are allowed on twitter ID)

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