Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meet Professor Laura Wright at Western Carolina University

Dear Dan,
I’m currently at the tail end of an NSF granted funded project on helping scientists use cli-fi to teach climate change, so, I really knowing about your blog and website.  Inn addition, I’m also currently working on an academic paper that attempts to read certain works of African literature through a cli-fi lens, as the genre, as currently defined, is unbearably Western and white (and I’m a postcolonial literature scholar).
The work of those in the cli-fi community worldwide is something my colleagues and I use in our module.  Thank you for being there and for all that you to promote the genre. Once our teaching module goes live (which it should in the next few months; we’ve been working on it since 2013, and you spoke with/emailed with our collaborator last year) will send you more information; we’ve been working through Integrate at Carleton College
I am the only humanities faculty involved in any of this work, but it feels like the sciences are interested in the ways that literature perhaps conveys a kind of truth about the crisis that “science” can’t convey.

 I am at Western Carolina University, which is located in the very rural western mountains of North Carolina.  

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