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Maria Christine spotlights Kate Kelly's YA cli-fi novel from the UK in nice listicle

UPDATE: February 1, 2016 -- A book review blog in Canada called THE ARCHED DOORWAY ran a BEST BOOKS LISTICLE with photo covers, and among them was Kate Kelly's RED ROCK.  SEE CORRECET LINK HERE: and BELOW:

**** ALSO READ: Maria Christine blogs the rise of 'cli-fi' novels on a  website no less!  is crossing over! 



In an email interview from Cli-Fi.Net [and @do_you_cli_fi_ on Twitter], we asked British author Kate
Kelly in the UK about her YA cli-fi novel "Red Rock" and how it came to be,
its theme, and how it fits into the newly emerging cli-fi genre of

CLI FI CENTRAL: What is the theme of your novel  "RED ROCK " set in
the future, what
time period? And what motivated you or inspired you to take up pen and write

KATE KELLY: ''Red Rock'' is set some 50 years in the near future, in a
world where the
icecaps are retreating and the seas are rising faster than anyone
expected. The idea for ''Red Rock'' was born from my own experiences
working as a research scientist on oceanographic survey vessels in the
Arctic. It is such a beautiful, fierce yet fragile place.

CLI FI CENTRAL: "If you had to put the novel into a genre, what genre
would it fall in,
for a bookstore shelving plan,  sci fi, or what? Or  no genre at all.
Does it fit the new genre of cli fi at all, or not?
views respected.

KATE KELLY: The emerging literary genre term Cli-Fi -- for climate
fiction -- fits ''Red Rock'' perfectly.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Who is your target audiece, teens, adults who? ages?

KATE KELLY: ''Red Rock'' was written for young teens, I would say any
kid over the age
of 10 will enjoy it. And that includes adults who are big kids at

CLI FI CENTRAL: What kind of marketing or promotions have you done for
the novel so
far? book signings, book readings in UK, attend literary festivals in

KATE KELLY: I have a pretty hectic schedule lined up this autumn including
signings in my local bookshops and a couple of events at literary
festivals. I am also doing lots of school visits.

CLI FI CENTRAL: What motivated you to write it? Any personal stories
about climate change worries?

KATE KELLY: My background is in geology (specifically marine geology)
and, living
in a landscape sculpted by the last ice age I have always been aware
of how the ice advances and retreats, seas rise and fall, and the
landscape changes. It made me very aware of how small changes can have
a huge impact on our environment.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Readers for your novel will come in two kinds of readers, those
looking back with hindsight borrowed from the future, readers may join
characters in this book in finding today's world absurd, even
suicidal. Others may hang on tenaciously to one thing that has not
changed: hope. You are the author, so do you have hope for the future of
humankind, or are you pessimistic? Do you see any solutions?

KATE KELLY: As a species I believe we will survive, but I fear our modern
civilisation will not.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

KATE KELLY: I have always written. My father was a writer so I suppose
it is in my
blood. And yes, I hope there will be more novels to follow. Hopefully
more Cli-Fi.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Do you have any of your own personal spiritual views
or beliefs that
anchor you to optimism and hope?

KATE KELLY: I am an optimist and I believe that people are essentially good. I
hope that those who have the power to make a difference will do what
is right for our planet. The recent buzz around the Cli-Fi term is
very exciting, and it’s wonderful to
be a part of it. I do feel that Cli-Fi literature is the perfect means
for informing people of the possible outcomes of climate change.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Did you know that Foyles bookshop in London set up CLI
FI signs in
the stores with books about CLI FI on special tables this past summer?

KATE KELLY:  I did and I think it’s a great idea. I hope more
bookstores will follow suit.

CLI FI CENTRAL: How did you first hear about the CLI FI term -- before
you wrote your novel
or after it was finished and how and where did you hear about it? In
the Guardian newspaper or via friends word of mouth?

KATE KELLY: I first heard the term Cli-Fi earlier in the year through
the Guardian
newspaper article you mention. ''Red Rock'' was already completed and
scheduled for publication, but it became clear to us all that it
fitted this genre.

CLI FI CENTRAL: Thank you very much Kate, for doing this internet
email interview from Taiwan to the UK.

KATE KELLY: Thank you very much, Dan, for inviting me onto your blog.

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