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WHO was the Hollywood director who confessed to Geena Davis that he liked huggging her every morning on set when she came in to work so he could FEEL HER UP?

WHO was the [male] Hollywood director who confessed to star Geena Davis that he liked huggging her every morning on set when she came in to work so he could FEEL HER UP?



Here is the quote: Read it and weep.

Has Davis ever experienced sexism in the industry?

“Yeah, you know, I’ve definitely seen sexism on the set, though not that much directed at me.” She’s been lucky, she says.

The only thing that comes to mind is an occasion when a director commented on how much he enjoyed hugging her each morning because: “It’s the only chance I get to feel you up.”

Davis wasn’t having any of it: “I said, ‘OK, that made me uncomfortable’… And he would not stop defending himself, saying: ‘But I am a feminist, I am such a feminist, and you know that.’

I said: ‘Nevertheless, I didn’t like it, that’s all. Just deal with it.’”

So WHO is the sexist chauvist pig who claims he's a feminist? His name will surface soon, ever since the Guardian's Elizabeth Day interviewed Geena here about her Gender project and Geena spilled the beans. I asked the reporter who the man was and the reporter said she of course asked Geena but of course Geena would not say.

But shouldn't Geena say? I mean name and shame. A grown adult male director says he hugs his star to he get his rocks off by feeling her up? And he says this to her face? And he gets away with it? And even Geena won' go public with his name? Why not? How can we change male behavior unless we tell men there are things about male behavior they need to change?


It had to be one of these directors from these movies that Geena made below. And he is READING THIS RIGHT NOW. One day he will come out and apologize. Until then......

Marjorie Prime (pre-production)
 2015 Annedroids (TV Series)
- Undercover Pigeon (2015) ... Student
 2015 Me Him Her
Mrs. Ehrlick
 2014 Omoide no Mânî
Yoriko Sasaki (English version, voice)
 2013 In a World...
Katherine Huling
 2013 Doc McStuffins (TV Series)
Princess Persephone
- Sir Kirby and the Plucky Princess/Serpent Sam Makes a Splash (2013) ... Princess Persephone (voice)
 2013 Untitled Bounty Hunter Project (TV Movie)
Mackenzie Ryan
 2012 Coma (TV Mini-Series)
Dr. Agnetta Lindquist
 2009 Exit 19 (TV Movie)
Gloria Woods
 2004 Will & Grace (TV Series)
Janet Adler
- The Accidental Tsuris (2004) ... Janet Adler
 1994 Speechless
Julia Mann
 1994 Angie
Angie Scacciapensieri
 1992/I Hero
Gale Gayley
 1989 Trying Times (TV Series)
- The Hit List (1989) ... Daphne
 1984-1986 Family Ties (TV Series)
Karen Nicholson
- A Word to the Wise (1986) ... Karen Nicholson
- Karen II, Alex 0 (1984) ... Karen Nicholson
- Help Wanted (1984) ... Karen Nicholson
 1985 George Burns Comedy Week (TV Series)
 1985 Fletch
 1985 Sara (TV Series)
Sara McKenna
- Brief Encounter (1985) ... Sara McKenna
- A Night at the Ballet (1985) ... Sara McKenna
- Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985) ... Sara McKenna
- Meet Mr. Cooper (1985) ... Sara McKenna
- Sara's Short Story (1985) ... Sara McKenna
 1985 Remington Steele (TV Series)
Sandy Dalrymple
- Steele in the Chips (1985) ... Sandy Dalrymple
 1985 Secret Weapons (TV Movie)
Tamara Reshevsky / Brenda
 1984 Riptide (TV Series)
Dr. Melba Bozinsky
- Raiders of the Lost Sub (1984) ... Dr. Melba Bozinsky
 1984 Fantasy Island (TV Series)
Whitney Clark
- Don Juan's Last Affair/Final Adieu (1984) ... Whitney Clark
 1983-1984 Buffalo Bill (TV Series)
Wendy Killian
- Church of the Poisoned Mind (1984) ... Wendy Killian
- Have Yourself a Very Degrading Christmas (1984) ... Wendy Killian
- The Tap Dancer (1984) ... Wendy Killian
- A Hero (1984) ... Wendy Killian
- Buffalo Bill Versus the Kremlin (1984) ... Wendy Killian
 1983 Knight Rider (TV Series)
Grace Fallon
- K.I.T.T. the Cat (1983) ... Grace Fallon
 1982 Tootsie

WHO was director who sd to Geena Davis he liked hugging her on set so he could FEEL HER UP?

name him?

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