Saturday, September 26, 2015

Maybe the POPE will take on the Gun Control issue in the USA next time he comes?

And a question:

Why does the POPE always say in public in his speeches in USA this week, ''PRAY FOR ME''...? ...Acttually it's a bit antisemitiic on his part, because as we know Christianity is an antisemitic religion that has been bashing Jews ever since the apostles started their anti Jewish propaganda -- but of course it is much gentler now -- and I was curious why il Pappa was always saying PRAY FOR ME. And not for example, pray for the sick, pray for the homeless, etc.

AT FIRST, I thought he was maybe  doing this to say ''pray for the pope'' so that he can continue to stay well and do his job re climate change and homeless and immigrant issues.


Maybe he isn’t really asking people to pray for him, instead it’s more like, “do me a favor and don’t forget to say your prayers…”. BUT it now turns out he is asking people to pray for him so he can go on telling the world, including non-Chrisitians who he professes to love but in fact does NOT love, so he can go on telling the world that ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE THEM from eternal hell and damnation.

Here is a link where he himself says the truth of his Jesus propaganda JESUS SAVES ONLY CHRISTIANS bs. and it's sad that this man of peace is so brainwashed that he cannot yet understand that JESUS is NOT only ONE WAY to find peace and grace and redemption and that other religions are EQUALLY VALID in the eyes of God and the gods, whichever path you follow.

So fie on the Pope on this stuff. He is antisemitic SOB. Kidding but serious, too.

Wake up dear Pope. You condemn those who are NOT Christians to eternal Hell? Terrible, sir.

The LINK: Here’s a link to a piece where he sort of explains himself:


“I would like to give you some homework. Can I do that? It is a simple request, but very important,” he told them.

“Please don’t forget to pray for me, so that I can share with many people the joy of Jesus,” he said. “Let us also pray so that many people can share the joy like yours.”

SO IN THE POPE"s brainwashed Gospel eyes ONLY CHRISTIANS MATTER? What a hypocrite!

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