Thursday, September 24, 2015

AP journo: ''I won’t follow new rule banning terms ''climate denialist'' or ''climate denier''

UPDATE! AP journo: ''I won’t follow new rule banning terms ''climate denialist'' or ''climate denier'' [Rebellion?]

UPDATE: VICTORY! AP has corrected its AGW reporting error, and created a new guidance recognizing that it is perfectly fine to call ''climate denialists'' and ''climate deniers'' by what they really are, which is climate denialists and climate deniers.

There appears to be open dissension at the Associated Press (AP) over the media entity’s new ''mis-guided'' "guidance", announced last week, not to refer to rightwing climate ostriches (RCO) with their heads in the sand over AGW as climate denialists or climate deniers, no matter what the very excellen climate science reporter Seth Borenstein said in his guidance.

Here is AP’s new policy:
Forget the earlier "guidance."
In response, a New York-based AP reporter , who writes about climate issues for the media company, just told a fellow journo by email, on the record:
The AP style guidance will have no effect on how I write about about climte deniers and climate denialists.
This response means one of two things.  Either there is open revolt at the AP over the new policy, or AP management decided to throw irate climate activists a bone by claiming that while the AGW policy will remain, it won’t really be implemented (which is BS).  Either way, the policy is still on the books, and this controversy will continue to grow. But if this is truly sign of dissension in the ranks at AP, that’s good news, not just for climate activists, but for journalism overall.

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