Friday, September 4, 2015

Tom Cohen is the founder of IC3, the Institute of Critical Climate Change

HAT TIP to Abe Sensei in Tokyo on this infomation RE Professor Tom Cohen is the founder of IC3, the
 Institute of Critical Climate Change
 and co-editor of the series Critical Climate Change at Open Humanities Press.
Tom Cohen

Arche-Cinema and the Politics of Extinction

And other essays :

Mr Cohen is the founder of IC3,
He currently teaches literary, cultural, and media theory at the University at Albany, SUNY, and the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.
Arche-cinema; the post-anthropocene; politics of extinction; Bernard Stiegler;  proletarianization of the senses; stereo-type and trauma-type cinema; Von Triers
; technogenesis; mnemo-technics; Hitchcock; American left and climate change; corporations; Hobby Lobby;

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