Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bringing the Paris Climate Talks -- COP21 -- to you from Cli-Fi.Net

Bringing the ''COP21'' Paris Climate Talks in Paris to you far and wide


 See the comment below for the inside skinny.

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Cli-fi.Net is gearing up to report on the sizzling United Nations Conference on Climate Change (or, for those of you who love acronyms, COP21) in Paris this November-December and we hope you will read along here, too. We don't need money, we need eyeballs.

Each day we make it our goal to bring you the cli-fi news that matters most. We especially love translating wonky policy stuff into cli-fi stories that make sense.

As a smart and winsome reader, you already know that COP21 is a crucial gathering -- the stakes are high, the drama is tres dramatique, and we are eager to produce comprehensive coverage that helps everyone understand just what’s going on over there. But we can’t do it without your eyballs.

We plan to bring you complete coverage of COP21 in a format that makes sense to you and your fellow blog readers.

Readers like you are important to Cli-Fi.net to help us bring our beacon to light on this historic occasion so you can stay informed, engaged, and know when to take action. Stay truned and email us with any questions or news tips