Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Would you consider 'hope' as a central theme throughout #clifi? YES YES YES YES! Are there any particular scenes in #clifi where the theme of hope was particularly significant? In a cli fi novel titled POLAR CITY RED (2012) by Jim Laughter in USA, the main characters, despite the problems of living in a polar city always being attacked by marauders and men wanting to steal women to rape, the family at end of novel say that they have hope that the future will be better and their descendnts will endure. YES HOPE is very important element of cli fi. I started this meme with deep feelings of hope. AT THE SAME time, we are facing major existential threat to humankind within the next 30 generations so its not all about hope. we also face major issues of despair and gloom. How to resovle this? I don't know. it's yin yang. we need writers and movie directors to explore this,.

What do you think inhibits the individual from really paying attention to the issue of climate change? Basically, we are all in DENIAL. we think our leaders will FIX things, geoengineers will FIX things, the future technology will FIX things, so we do not worry. Also we are hard wired to think only 3 generations ahead of us, us, our children and our grandchildren ....after that WE CANMNOT SEE the future and we don';t care. I DO CARE! ME, i care about next 30 generations, maybe that is beause i have no biological children.

 Have there been particular trends in society which you think might have played a part? Well, during the Holocaust in Europe , people were in DENIAL that Hitler was killing Jews. During Japan war, people were in denial that Japan wa a facsit police state that wanted to conquer ASia. Humans are hardwired by DNA and psychology to be in denial.

How can we as individuals do more, beyond simply raising awareness, to help the climate change movement and inspire others at the same time? ANSWER: artists and poets and novelists and movie directors can make cli fi movies and novels to wake people up. ART matters. Art can touch people. stats and charts and govt charts are boring.

The Kyoto Protocol was the world's first climate change treaty. Do you think it has been successful? YES and NO
If no, why not? It served to wake people up, but at the ame time, most nations have not chnged their behaviro adn we still emit co2 by the tonnes everyday!

What should mankind do, as a collective whole, in order to truly curb and control climate change? in my POV, we need to stop all use of CARS, and airplanes and trucks and taxis and buses worldwide NOW. NOW. we must  all talk to work or use bicyucle. no more burning or using gasoline or oil. PERIOD. FULL STOP. that is the only WAY.

There has been a resurgence of interest in inspiring change through art. YES YES YES YES One such example would be the Art+Climate=Change 2015 event ( How do you feel about this?
I LOVE IT AND I APPLAUD WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Cli fi is about artists and EQ people making wake up calls. Cli fi is not scientists or govt paper pushers. Cli fi is war againts AGW. now!

Do you think #clifi can be associated with art, given that they serve the same purpose of bringing climate change to the forefront of public consciousness? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.

cli fi is all about ART. EMOTIONS. FEELINGS, PSYCHOLOGY. CHANGE AGENT: cli fi is  a chnage agent of artists worlwide in many languages

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