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''THE HEATSTROKE LINE" by Edward L. Rubin -- A ''Cli-Fi'' Novel Debut


The Heatstroke Line
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The Heatstroke Line

cover by Emma Podietz
(c) 2015
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228 pages
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A Cli-Fi Novel
''Edward Rubin has temporarily exchanged his academic cap for a novelist’s hat and has written a powerful cli-fi novel set in the near future.
''He knows that “Mad Max,” “The Hunger Games,” “Waterworld,” “The Walking Dead,” and innumerable other books, movies and TV series attract large audiences by portraying a future where society has been devastated by war, disease, environmental calamity or supernatural disaster. Such post-apocalyptic tales constitute an important and widely-popular genre.
''As a novelist, Rubin wants to place his own cli-fi footprint in the sands of time and hopes that his book will serve as a kind of warning flare for readers now and in the future.''

Edward Rubin is Professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He is the author of ​ several academic books, among them  Soul, Self, and Society: The New Morality and the Modern State. His opeds often appear in SALON Magazine.
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''The Heatstroke Line'' is his first novel.
For more information, see ​his website at
Trade Paperback
228 pages
Lisa Devaney in the UK writes:

[Sneak Peek]: New ''Cli-Fi'' Novel “The Heatstroke Line” by Edward L. Rubin

Do you know the feeling of when you finish a book, but the ideas and story linger with you long after?
The Heatstroke Line cover by Emma Podietz (c) 2015
The Heatstroke Line cover by Emma Podietz (c) 2015

Well, that’s how I feel about The Heatstroke Line by Edward Rubin. In fact, I’ve had a hard time picking up new books to read, as I’m still thinking about Rubin’s original and riveting tale of future North America and the terrifying possibilities that may evolve.
Due to release October 1st 2015 as ebook and paperback, available on Amazon, Rubin’s first novel in the cli-fi genre will leave you wondering about future world political order, and what’s in store for us with climate change.
I got a sneak peek of the book thanks to Dan Bloom, the father of the literary genre cli-fi, and I’m happy to clue you up about this fast-paced tale that you won’t want to miss. At the centre of the story is a scientist caught suddenly in the strange politics between Canada and America, where the former United States have been severely damaged by global warming and a vile species of insects is making life even more scary. Daniel Danten, the Canadian scientist captured by powerful leaders from messed up America, is forced to address the insect problem and live with the enemy.
Confronting strong ethnocentrism of American’s desperately trying to hold on and force their culture on others, Daniel’s view of the bravado and effusive propaganda of his captors is very entertaining, and the sinister plot he unravels is believable and frightening. The author keeps a fast pace with this adventurous story that will keep you interested and wondering what happens next. Expect surprises and to be informed about fictional politics that you hope never become reality.
I also enjoyed that Rubin gave us great insight to the personality of each character and the sometimes-tricky personal relationships they experience. When the big picture backdrop of climate change and world politics dominates a story’s setting, books can often lose me with a lot of description of the make-believe world situation, but this tale kept me engaged because of the people at the heart of the story. I like to read about what the people are feeling, how they are living and what they are thinking, and the author did a great job in showing us who’s who, all as he carries us along with a page-turning plot.
Adding positively to the diverse and excellent portfolio of the cli-fi literary and film genre, this book won’t bore you and will also make you think about what the future may hold for any of us living on Earth.

I’m rating this book 5 out of 5 stars without hesitation and think you will really enjoy reading The Heatstroke Line by Edward Rubin.

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