Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cli-Fi.Net is the first academic site to archive news about cli-fi novels and movies


Cli-Fi.Net  is the first academic site of its kind
website to archive news links about novels
and movies dealing with cli-fi novels and
cli-fi movies. Danny Bloom is an independent
climate activist who is very concerned about
the fate of future generations and worries
that it might be curtains for the human race
 after 30 more generations are born.
Cli-Fi.Net is an extension of his work.

Promoting cli fi novels and movies is
important because literature is unique
 in how it can reach people, and,
climate change and AGW are without
 a dobut the largest environmental
crises we face in our lifetimes.

The term cli-fi has also picked up
momentum in popular media worldwide
and not just in English.
The New York Times, NPR, TIME,
and The Guardian are just a few examples
 of big media reporting this new genre.

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