Saturday, September 12, 2015

'Cli-fi' news items I reading today (hot links)

1. EcoWatch on ''cli-fi'' in the movie business: Note to myself: "Cli-fi is about empowering the next generation through literature and cinema." (Echoes of Nathaniel Rich's recent remark that it's his generation of young writers that will set the tone for cli fi novels, including ''Odds Against Tomorrow''.) #CliFiItaly


1. At the Venice International Film Festival this week, a captivating dialogue between two brothers—Oscar winning film director and president of the festival jury, Alfonso Cuarón and renowned environmental scientist Alfredo Cuarón set the scene not only for a fascinating series of events on how to increase sustainability within the film industry, but also for a whole new perspective on how we might solve the climate communication challenge.

2. Reflecting on how productions could also integrate the issues into scripts, they both welcomed the possibility, but Alfonso reminded everyone that the creative process relies on artistic inspiration to tell impactful stories. He also railed against some disaster films that are jumping on the bandwagon of climate change with little substance.

3. “What is going on in film production when it illustrates the apocalyptic world is akin to pornography with little understanding of the science involved,” continued Alfonso Cuarón. “Films such as these can have very negative effects.” (See  ideas of George Marshall in the UK and Ken Caldeira and Andy Revkin in USA)

2. Book reviewer in Canberra Ms. Karen Hardy in the prestigious Australia daily newspaper the Syndey Morning Herald on Mireille Juchau's new ''cli-fi'' novel titled  ''The World Without Us'': Mireille Juchau explains why climate change matters and why she considers her novel to be a cli-fi novel. Juchau, 45, is Jewish and has two children of her own, now 13 and 10. [Looking at climate change from their point of view was an interesting part of the process with this novel, she said.] #CliFiAustralia

QUOTES: ''Mireille Juchau is unsure whether her novel The World Without Us should be classified as "cli-fi", an emerging genre of fiction that puts our changing climate squarely in the middle of a story.'' [....Trust me, Mireille, your novel is ''cli-fi'' for sure! - Dan...]

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