Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cli-Fi news article headlined: "Earth, Winds and Fires" COVER STORY by Stephen Phelan for Etihad Airways In-light Magazine Flipbook link here

Irish journo Stephen Phelan today writes one of the best Cli-Fi news articles ever! OPEN FLIPBOOK HERE: 6 pages in color . Etihad Airways in-Flight Magazine assignment
He quotes McKibben, Macfarlane, Rich, Atwood, and a few other people you might know. You can read it here and print it out on hardcopy at home or office, too. I just printed it out. Fantastic reporting, fair and balanced journalism and very pro-Cli-Fi. He interviewed all these people personally one ny one for excellent quotes!
What cli fi novelist Nathaniel Rich has to say to him is worth the price of admission alone! Well said, Nat. Well said McKibben, Macfarlane, Rich, and Atwood. Best reporting on cli fi yet!

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