Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An International Cli-Fi Literature Prize sponsored by a major University

This Cli-Fi.Net blogger had an idea today.

Might it  be possible some day to set up and fundraise for a literary prize called the ''[NAME OF UNIVERSITY HERE] Prize for Climate Fiction" -- to be presented every five years beginning in 2020 to recognize the best cli-fi novels of the five previous years (a winner and two runner-ups) -- with a cash prize of $100,000 to the winner and $50,000 and $25,000 to the two runner-ups? And if after the first 10 years, the Prize proves to be popular and worthwhile, it might be then possible to set the award event annually begining in 2031.
Just a dream. College administrators and professors?
There could be a public event to award the prize at the university in 2020, 2025 and 2030 to get things started, and one could go from there, with funding from alumni and benefactors to carry the program forward to 100 years at least.
Possible universities that might want to  work on this: ASU, Tufts, Yale, UCLA, Pomona, Princeton, Wesleyan, Dartmouth, Emerson, Harvard, OSU, UO, and 25 others. It will take one person at one of these colleges to "get" it and to agree to ''carry the water'' to make things happen. This blog will not be part of the process or of the planning stages. Just this blog post to get things started.

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