Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Polar cities loom large as solution for global warming crisis in 2500 AD

Dear Sir
I was extremely surprised when you said that there might not be any problems for the next 200 years, because many of the worst predictions factoring in climate feedback loops say there could be a 6 degree celcius rise by 2100, and a 4-5 degree rise by 2050. If that happened, I know me, along with anyone with the means of transportation would be fleeing up north to Canada, Northern Europe, Russia, Greenland or New Zealand....which would mean Polar Cities might come alot sooner. Any reason in particular you think the climate could remain somewhat stable in the next century?

That being said, your words of encouragement offer some hope that's hard to come by.
Also, New Zealand was by far the most incredible place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Incredible people, amazing environment, and a beautiful way of life. I definitely see myself moving there in the next 5-6 years without a shadow of a doubt. If your living in Taiwain you should definitely visit NZ, it pretty much looks like heaven. I even made some films while I was there,
There are some incredible developments happening in the development of sustainable technology which the project should definitely look into.

Vertical farming offers the potential to grow crops indoors on a large scale regardless of weather:


Cool Roofs:

There's so many other potential technologies that are amazing it's incredible, although I know none of these will stop Global Warming.
I'm looking forward to having even more discussion, maybe next few blog exchanges we can get into the vision of polar cities, and the ability for civilization to mitigate climate change to an extent.

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