Friday, December 18, 2009

Robert Gifford, Professor

Robert Gifford, Professor

Department of Psychology, University of Victoria

My research interests are at the interface of environmental psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology. I try to conduct studies on societal problems that meet high scientific standards.

My main current activities are editing the Journal of Environmental Psychology, conducting studies on resource management (commons dilemmas and social dilemmas), personality and nonverbal behavior, ecological issues such as environmental activism and pro-environmental behavior, and the meaning and liveability of neighbourhoods. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental psychology and consumer psychology.

Among other activities, I am the President of the Environmental Division of the International Association of Applied Psychology, the listserv moderator for Division 34 of the American Psychological Association, the section head for sociocultural factors of the Canadian Obesity Network, a member of the Life Sciences Advisory Committee of the Canadian Space Agency, and a member of the American Psychological Association’s Climate Change Panel.

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