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DRUDGE REPORT REPORTS: Global Warming Solution: Polar Cities in Alaska, Canada, Russia


Global Warming Solution: Polar Cities in Alaska, Canada, Russia

Climate Refuges Might Also Flee to New Zealand and Tasmania

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Danny Bloom's global warming solution scheme of building hundreds of polar cities in the far north (Alaska!) and far south (New Zealand!) is intriguing, even for those people (increasingly most people) who doubt that man-caused global warming is actually real.

Bloom is a former newspaper editor from Alaska who now lives in Asia, where he concocted his self-described polar cities scheme. The 1971 Tufts grad also blogs daily on his controversial polar city ideas at "northwardho" in the blogosphere.

Bloom thinks that he has found a way out, a solution, for global warming, which which he says cannot be stopped. Global warming, that is. But Bloom insists some people will survive devastating global warming impact events in the year 2500 by taking refuge in some 144 polar cities administered and funded by the United Nations.

"Ten billion will die in a massive human die-off," Bloom predicts on his blog, adding: "But perhaps one million people will survive, black, white and brown, men and women and children, and maybe as few as just 200,000, and these survivors in polar cities will serve as breeding pairs to ensure that the human race does not die out completely."

Bloom says he got the idea for polar cities from British chemist James Lovelock, who wrote about "breeding pairs in the Arctic" in several academic papers. Bloom, who does not hold a Ph.D. and is a university lecturer in Taiwan, admits he has no scientific background or academic sponsors. He says expects criticism of his idea, but is devoting the rest of his life to pushing his vision uphill, despite the odds of anyone ever taking him seriously.

The global warming "fix" proposed by Bloom involves building 144 polar cities in the far north and far south, capable of housing climate refugees for at least 1000 years. The estimated cost for pre-building such future cities would be about US$500 million dollars.

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