Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trusting Nature as the Climate Referee & Climate Refugees Living in Polar Cities in the year 2500 !

Dear Editor of the Science Times section of the New York Times

John Tierney wrote in a column titled “Trusting Nature as the Climate
Referee” (Findings, Dec. 15, 2009) that the debate over the
seriousness of climate change should be decided by experts on both
sides of the issue.

The debate will never be concluded, I feel, since both sides have much
at stake in the discussion. I suggest that a better plan would be to
start planning now for possibility of building hundreds of so-called
"polar cities" in the extreme north (Alaska, Canda and Russia) and
extreme south (Tasmania and New Zealand) to house survivors of global
warming in the far distant future, around the year 2500.

The climate refugees from the world over who make their way to the
relative safety of these UN-administered polar cities will serve as
"breeding pairs" to ensure the survival of the human species.


Dan Bloom

The author is a 1971 graduate of Tufts University and director the
non-profit Polar Cities Project in Taiwan.


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