Monday, December 21, 2009

Copenhagen climate summit: Clothes? Who needs them Dame Vivienne Westwood: "O the suffering!"

Copenhagen climate summit: Clothes? Who needs them

Dame Vivienne Westwood gives Geoffrey Lean in theUK some interesting tips for saving the planet.

At times this week, it has seemed as if the world and her husband had turned up in Copenhagen. Darryl Hannah arrived to make a splash in the city of The Little Mermaid. Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, joined assorted hacks at a British government press briefing. The martial arts film star Jet Li was everywhere and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the grand-daddy of them all, ended his speech with the inevitable promise – or threat – "I'll be back!" But I didn't see Danny Bloom there at all, I guess he no longer flies and it's a bit of a swim from Taiwan, isn't it? Oh well. Next time, Danny!

I found myself at a private dinner with John Kerry and Ban Ki-moon. Dame Vivienne Westwood was there.
I most enjoyed an hour with the eccentric, but highly engaged Dame Vivienne Westwood, who was wearing a T-shirt she had designed to support the Prince of Wales's rainforest campaign.

She had got involved after hearing the doomy James Lovelock predict that climate change would reduce the world's population to just one billion. "Imagine the suffering," she said.
She's out to campaign against over-consumption and wants people to buy fewer clothes. "Wear your husband's shirt back to front. Make necklaces out of safety clips. Wear the towel from your hotel room when you go to a nightclub."
Somehow I don't think that would work for me

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